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This website is a documentation of who I am as of Fall 2020. I draw on several key experiences in my life to build a portfolio of who I am as a student, servant, and leader.

Beliefs and Values

  • Having Open Mind
  • Vision Moves Mountains
  • Positivity Makes Life Better
  • Value Faith and Relationships
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Role Models

  • Mr. Bill Blaine
  • Rev. Daniel Eng
  • Joshua Rock
  • Mollie Lensing
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Leadership Experience

  • Bible Study Leader
  • Economics Startup Co-Founder
  • Amherst Capital Intern
  • Engineering Intern
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TED Talk

Jia Jiang, a fellow Asian Austinite expounds on what solely asking can get you. By trying out 100 days of asking something that seeems so crazy mostly would think it would cause instant rejection, Jiang discovers that the Yes's you get far outweight any negative downside to rejeciton. This TED Talk inspired me to ask more, and build relationships with people I would otherwise ignore.

Contact me via email at phoenixw@utexas.edu