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Having an open mind

I believe that truly having an open mind means more than not forming any opinions. I think that openness garners and encourages discussion. While I don’t believe in relativism, I do believe that there may be room for listening to what others think and see. Through these discussions, we’re able to understand others, building our professional relationships through a fuller perspective of the world.

Vision moves mountains

Vision is the ability to see and envision the final product before it’s made. Through pairing vision with an open mind, flexibility and teamwork is fused with relentless ambition. Vision is what would allow me to achieve the unthinkable professionally and personally.

Positivity makes life better

From the small - smiling at the person at the bodega - to the big - seeing how a shortened UTNY program offers new opportunities - I believe that positivity is one of the strongest forces in life. Through positivity, I’m able to move forward from any setback and look ahead. This makes me excited for the future after UTNY - even if I discovered that I dislike finance, that just means I’ll be more satisfied in whatever occupation I eventually take on.



My faith is a driving factor in how I live my life, as even my core beliefs stem from my faith. It’s a factor that motivates me to live life for the long-term, trading the attractive hedonistic virtues of college for long-term growth and investment. My faith is what encouraged me to spend the extra time post-Covid delivering groceries to seniors in the city rather than staying at home watching Netflix.


Impact is what drives many of my decisions. It may come back to faith - seeking for God’s kingdom to be made known here on earth - but ultimately seeks for me to play a large of a positive role in as many people’s lives as possible. This is part of what encourages me to dream big and achieve more.

Personal relationships

I value the one-on-one relationships in my life that go deeper than the surface. Having thousands of Facebook friends cannot compare to the intimacy that is afforded by a deep late-night conversation. Wherever I end up in the professional world, I’ll seek to develop personal relationships with those around me.

Photo of Flowers

The budding spring flowers during the peak of Covid-19 - Even when grounded in the negative moments, there are still things to be positive about.

Photo of Delivery

Doing grocery deliveries for a lady during Covid-19