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The role models in our life are the people that shape how we see ourselves relative to relative to what we strive to become. I’m a very externally motivated and influenced person. Those around me play a large role in how I think and act. The following are leaders who have made a positive impression on my professional development.

Role Models

Bill Blaine

My high school economics teacher was a Harvard Graduate, ex-Investment Banker, who now teaches at a public school. This demonstrated two things to me - that there is more to life than a title or a paycheck, and that there is a lot of value in economic literacy. Through Mr. Blaine, I’ve also grown to recognize the value in dialogue - that complex economic truths cannot be communicated through mere 10 second adverts.

Rev. Daniel Eng

Rev. Daniel Eng was my first youth pastor, as during my high school years, he moved to England to get a doctorate in theology at Cambridge. He taught me to always ask questions - about how we should be certain about the things we put our faith in. I was able to grow my Christian faith through questioning and tackling every single doubt, and I’ve since carried this forward in never taking anything for granted and always asking questions.

Joshua Rock

I had Professor Joshua Rock as my MIS 301 professors the Spring of my freshman year. I shared his passion for faith, teaching, and entrepreneurship. His success made me realize that there was potential for all three - that I didn’t need to give up one for the others.

Mollie Lensing

Mollie was my boss at Rigup, an Austin energy startup that I interned for last fall. She led with such an authentic passion and stayed at work until 11pm every night. I learned to value this drive that she had - and when I take it on as an identity, those around me are also motivated with a shared drive.

Photo of Phoenix Wang

Me and my coworkers at Rigup